Associate Professor
Physics, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore
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Assoc Prof Tok Eng Soon

Tok Eng Soon is an associate professor in NUS and has teaching appointments both at the University Scholars Programme (USP) and the Department of Physics at the Faculty of Science. A/P Tok received his PhD in Semiconductor Materials from the Imperial College London and BSc (Hon, First Class) degree in Chemistry and Physics from NUS. He joined NUS as an Assistant Professor with the Department of Materials Science in 1999 before moving to the Department of Physics as an Associate Professor in 2005.

At USP, A/P Tok teaches in the domain of Sciences and Technologies. The module he offers is:

A/P Tok was awarded the USP Teaching Excellence Award twice consecutively, in 2015 and 2016, for his work at the USP.

His interests lies in surface and interface science related to “Atomic Scale Engineering” of low dimensional structures. His research emphasis is on elucidating growth, reaction kinetics and energetics occurring on surfaces and interfaces of semiconducting materials. He aims to understand the fundamental relationship between surface chemistry and physics with materials properties at the atomic scale through his research. His research activities usually involve the use of various in situ surface sensitive experimental techniques in an ultra-high vacuum environment.

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