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Traditionally, literary historians have pondered poetry, drama and prose in terms of art¬istic merit. But studies of literature head in new directions when print with artistic pre¬tensions is put into conversation with other sorts. In my first book, I contextualized canon¬ical efforts by 19th-century writers as familiar as Emerson, Stowe and Douglass by asking what each contributed to dis¬cus¬sions of the “servant problem,” so-called. This approach gain¬ed trac¬tion by drawing on 19th-century advice literature to show how counsel about how to manage household staff helped shape artistic renderings of non-kin service in the “free” and slave states.

In current re¬search, I ask how a long-term steady seller, Lew Wallace’s Ben-Hur (1880), helped shape ideas about literariness as the 19th century drew to a close. This project en¬riches fan studies scholarship and histories of U.S. reading that probe reception by putting special emphasis on the ways in which ‘ordinary’ Americans have interacted with print. At first glance, these projects may not seem con¬cep¬tually congruent. But both prioritize neg¬lected populations to ask about the real-world effects of print, the mean¬ing and impact of which can change (markedly) over time.


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