USP student Cassandra Pee Xue Yi (Political Science + USP, Class of 2019) has received the Bronze award under the Leadership category at the NUS Student Achievement Awards (SAA) 2017 organised by NUS Office of Student Affairs. This annual award ceremony recognises exceptional individual students or student organisations for their noteworthy contributions to the University in areas outside the academic curriculum.

Cassandra was recognised for her leadership as the Co-Director of Southeast Asian Movement Conference (SEAMconference) 2016. The conference, a student-led initiative by USP and Yale University, was held from 27-30 May 2016. It brought together 100 youths from pre-universities in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines to look at the theme of “Constructing the ASEAN Identity”. Together with Luyi Chen, the Co-Director from Yale University, they directed SEAMconference across twelve time zones. Cassandra adapted quickly and strove to facilitate communication within teams, between teams, as well as between the USP and Yale students, to improve team cohesiveness.

Cassandra expressed her heartfelt thanks as the Co-Director, “My job was to direct the team towards a conference we envisioned, leverage on the strengths on each of my team members and ensure that the team worked synergistically together. SEAMconference would not have been successful without my teammates, who were truly one of my greatest takeaways as I have learnt so much about leadership and project management from them. I would like to thus take this opportunity to thank my teammates, USC, and the USP faculty for their encouragement and guidance."

We congratulate Cassandra for her well-deserved award!

The conference was previously covered in USP Highlights. Find out about the conference at SEAMconference website.

SEAM Luyi Cassandra

The Co-Directors of SEAMconference 2016, Luyi (L) from Yale University and Cassandra (R) from USP.