The NUS Student Achievement Awards (SAA) organised annually by the NUS Office of Student Affairs recognises exceptional individual students or student organisations for their noteworthy contributions to the University in areas outside the academic curriculum. This year, Camp REConnection III was awarded Silver under the Community Projects (Group) category.

Organised by USP students, Camp REConnection III aims to bridge the intergenerational divide between youths and seniors at Ren Ci Nursing Home by equipping youths with caregiving and communication skills. Over the course of the camp, both youths and seniors engaged in meaningful, interactive activities that emphasised similarities, as opposed to differences, between the two groups. Youth participants also took part in dialect lessons, experiential learning as well as talks by healthcare professionals to gain a broader understanding of Singapore's ageing population.

Phyllis Ho (Global Studies + USP, Class of 2019) and Jessica Ting (Economics + USP, Class of 2019) expressed their heartfelt appreciation as the Project Directors, “Our team learnt a lot from the youth participants, Ren Ci staff and the seniors who shared their stories with us. Having team members who are altruistic, resourceful and creative contributed immensely to the success of this project. We would like to take this opportunity to thank A/P Albert Teo, USP admin as well as USC for their guidance and support. Stay tuned for Camp REC V!"

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Camp Reconnection III Silver Award at NUS SAA 2018