Two USP alums, Lim Hui Min Jan (Architecture + USP, Class of 2009) and Muhammad Ibnur Rashad (Engineering Science + USP, Class of 2011), have contributed to the creation of Designing with People and Not Just for People: A Publication by P!D book, which was launched recently on 27 October 2016.


In Designing With People and Not Just for People, Participate In Design (P!D) shares the experience of involving regular citizens in designing the everyday spaces of Singapore. This book features lessons learnt from three cities, New York, Copenhagen and Singapore, as well as the participatory design framework developed through a wide range of design and art projects across Singapore.


Founded in 2012, P!D is a non-profit organisation that helps neighbourhoods and public institutions in Singapore design community-owned spaces and solutions. Jan, the Director and Co-founder of P!D, is one of the two authors of the book. Since 2013, she has collaborated with Ibnur on The Upcycle Project – one of the projects featured in the book – to work with residents of MacPherson to refurbish unwanted furniture and products into useful creations.


To learn more about Jan’s book, visit Participate In Design’s website and Facebook page.


We are proud of Jan and Ibnur for being inspiring changemakers!


PD book mailer

(L to R) Co-founders of P!D and authors of the book, Mizah Rahman and Jan Lim (USP alum), together with Ibnur (USP alum).