USP alum Prasatt Arumugam (English Literature + USP, Class of 2016) is one of 4,862 people in the world and the FIRST Singaporean to complete the 4,280km-long Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The PCT is one of the world’s longest and toughest hiking trails spanning from Canada to Mexico. Prasatt boldly embarked on a self-funded solo trek as part of TrekInvicta, a social initiative he founded to support the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). He did it in five months since July last year and has raised S$46,000 for CCF. The National University of Singapore Society and the National Youth Council also contributed to his trekking.

His desire to help raise awareness for children with childhood cancer started when he lost his close aunt to cancer, which left his family devastated. Since 2015, Prasatt has been an active volunteer at CCF helping to keep the children’s minds off the uncomfortable and painful procedures that they have to undergo. To Prasatt, this cause is like a symbolic representation of the journey that the children have to take on their road to recovery – a long and arduous one that is full of struggles.

He aims to raise a total of S$50,000 for CCF through his campaign by end of this month (January) and is hopeful of more donations to help the CCF patients. To learn more about Prasatt’s inspiring campaign or to donate, visit TrekInvicta’s website.

Congrats Prasatt! We salute your perseverance and tenacity going through the journey.

Prasatt’s stint was previously covered in The AlumNUS and USP Highlights just as he was about to depart for the PCT after attending his Commencement ceremony. This story is also featured in TODAY paper.



Prasatt had a bird’s eye view of the Crater Lake – Oregon’s crown jewel amongst all its lakes.



(Left) Prasatt stopped for a shot before continuing his journey to Mexico. (Right) After 4,280km and millions of steps, Prasatt finally made it to the Southern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail on 9 December 2016.