Our Purpose

To shape independent, adaptable thinkers and doers who will make an impact in the world.

We do so by offering our students a transformative learning environment, an innovative curriculum, and diverse global opportunities. Our students are imbued with the critical thinking capabilities to blend and transcend traditional disciplines, and have the expanded worldview required to challenge conventional thinking and develop bold, actionable ideas.


Joining USP also means joining a community of people who are


Adventurous in thought, pursuing a broad range of intellectual interests and ready to make connections across different domains.


Intellectually rigorous, deeply reflective and having a humility born of awareness of the limitations of our own knowledge.


Willing to consider differing points of view, unafraid to face challenges and to act upon ideas.


Extends the frontiers of knowledge in energetic and creative ways, prepared to navigate and help shape a complex world in a responsible way.

Each year, about 200 incoming NUS undergraduates are admitted to USP.

A USP student is one who pursues a major in one of seven NUS partner faculties or schools, and seeks – through the USP curriculum – strength, intellectual rigour and connection across disciplines.

A USP student values intense academic inquiry, research, exploration and engagement. Within an educational environment that supports diverse initiatives, myriad opportunities and a sustained residential experience, USP students form a community that is at once curious, critical, courageous and engaged.

It is our aim that, at the end of four years with USP and having attained an Honours degree at a NUS faculty or school, a USP graduate will have the confidence to make substantial and meaningful contributions to solving the big problems of our changing world.

Students admitted to USP are concurrently enrolled in 1 of 7 NUS faculties or schools

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  • Faculty of Engineering

  • Faculty of Law

  • Faculty of Science

  • NUS Business School

  • School of Computing

  • School of Design and Environment

USP students earn 70% of their academic credits in their home faculty and 30% in USP.

USP students live at the USP residential college called Cinnamon College for a minimum of two years.

USP was the first academic programme in Singapore to move into a residential college in 2011. Since then, Life@USP is centred at Cinnamon College which provides the space for constant engagement and interaction amongst students. This has helped to develop a sense of and belonging to the programme among USP students – residents and non-residents alike. From sharing meals with peers, professors and visitors to holding thoughtful discussions in the Master’s Commons and their own lounge, fondly known as Chatterbox, students are immersed in an environment conducive to their own personal and intellectual growth. These community interactions strongly underpin the USP ethos of inclusiveness, open-mindedness, thoughtfulness, respect across differences, and a strong sense of social and community responsibility.