Admissions Frequently Asked Questions


How much does USP cost?

NUS tuition fees are based on the home faculty you join. There are no extra tuition fees to enrol in USP. For students who join USP from Academic Year 2011 onwards, there is a residential college fee component.

Is USP a scholarship?

No, but USP students may apply for NUS or other scholarships.

For details on NUS Scholarships, please visit

For more information on the various financial assistance schemes available, please refer to Financial Aid & Scholarships on our website.

Can I apply to USP if my first choice of faculty is Medicine or Dentistry?

We encourage you to submit your application to USP even though Medicine and Dentistry are currently not USP partner faculties. In the event that you are not offered a place in your first choice faculty of Medicine or Dentistry, it is possible for you to join USP if you are offered a place in a subsequent choice that is a USP partner faculty.

Can I apply to join USP if I am doing a double degree programme?

You can apply to join USP if the two degrees are offered by USP’s partner faculties and schools, excluding Faculty of Law (FOL). The partner faculties and schools are Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), Faculty of Engineering (FOE), Faculty of Science (FOS), NUS Business School (BIZ), School of Computing (SOC) and School of Design and Environment (SDE).

If I will be serving my National Service in the next two years, when should I apply?

We encourage you to apply now, such that your application can be evaluated against applicants from your own cohort. If successful, your place will be reserved for the year you matriculate into NUS. A reconfirmation package will be sent during your matriculation year.

If I am currently serving my National Service and have already been accepted into NUS or another university, can I still apply?

Yes, prospective students who are currently serving their National Service can still submit their application to USP. If you are offered a place at USP, you may keep your original position at NUS if it is with one of our partner faculties. However, if it is with another faculty that is not currently one of our partner faculties or with another university, you will have to relinquish your original position.

Do you allow accepted students to defer admission?

Yes, but such decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

When do I apply to live in the USP residential college?

You may proceed to apply to live in the USP residential college after you have accepted USP’s offer of admission.
For students who have accepted USP's offer of admission but are currently serving their National Service, information on the USP residential college will be sent via email in the year of their matriculation.

To what extent are grades considered?

The selection process is holistic. While academic performance will be considered an important indicator of your capacity to thrive in USP’s rigorous intellectual environment, it will not be the sole determinant of the success of your application.