The Class Ambassadors programme was started under the NUS Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) in 2008. Every year, key USP students of each batch are nominated to be the Class Ambassador. The role of the Class Ambassadors will be to:

  • Build class connections and keep in touch with fellow alumni
  • Keep class members informed of the latest events and news about the University
  • Provide leadership in class reunion, gatherings and events

If you are interested to volunteer as a Class Ambassador, kindly email Ms Tan Sin Yee at

  • Chan Yu Ling (Economics)

  • Goh Seng Chiy (Chemical Engineering)

  • Lee De Yi (English Literature)

  • Leong Guo Feng (Accountancy)

  • Ler Yong Qin Kenneth (Economics + Business Admin)

  • Lim Ni Min (Accountancy)

  • Movin Nyanasenggeran (Life Sciences)

  • Ong Joey (Political Science)

  • Ong Junyi Joy (Environmental Biology)

  • Poh Yu Ting (Sociology)

  • Tan Yung Kyi Amos (Chemical Engineering)

  • Tan Zher Min (Life Sciences)

  • V Vieshaalan Naidu (Economics)

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