Students will learn to make appropriate measurements to quantify the eco-footprint arising out of our current personal lifestyle choices, conduct systematic thought/real experiments to explore improvement opportunities, and propose a model-based sustainable alternative for ourselves, our families or communities such as the USP Residential College.

In this particular iteration of the module, students will learn the QR skills of:

  • formulate problems in a quantitative way
  • measuring, estimating and modeling data
  • reasoning and solving quantitative problems from authentic contexts and everyday life situations.
  • interpreting mathematical models and using them for decision making
  • creating sophisticated arguments supported by quantitative evidence using words, tables, graphs, mathematical equations, etc., as appropriate

Students will gain experience in working with the QR tools of:

  • Regression Modeling (Spreadsheet based)
  • Data/Trend Visualization (Spreadsheet based)
  • Simple Optimization (Spreadsheet based)