Module Introduction and Requirements

Module Introduction and Requirements

The course serves as an introduction to history in general and the history of modern Singapore in particular. It adopts a wide-angled approach to an understanding of national heritage, history and identity, with due attention to both international and internal developments which have together shaped present-day Singapore. These developments include the formation of a colonial plural society under British rule, the impact of the Japanese Occupation, the rise of nationalism and political contestation, statehood, merger with and separation from Malaysia, the politics and economics of survival, and the governance of an independent city-state.

Module Requirements and Modes of Assessment

Welcome to the University Scholars Programme History Module USE2304, entitled Singapore: The Making of a Nation. In order to benefit from this module, you would need to understand its requirements and modes of assessment.

You are expected to attend the weekly Lectures, each of which occupies a two-hour slot (with a short mid-lecture break), and the fortnightly Tutorials, which also occupy two-hour slots. Attendance at tutorials is compulsory.

You will be assessed on the basis of five response papers. The first four will be 15% each of your final grade. The last response paper is longer and account for 30% of your final grade. Your tutorial participation is 10% of your final grade.

I will give you more detailed guidance on the formats of the Response at the appropriate times.