• Are you interested in grassroots social development in the ASEAN region?
  • Do you want a course that will give you hands-on experience working in the field?
  • Do you want to meet and work together with peers at another ASEAN university?
  • Are you interested in working with a local grassroots NGO helping vulnerable indigenous communities?
  • Are you creative and engaged, and interested in designing your own research-based course project?

If so, maybe this Special Summer Term 1 Module is for you!
(In 2015 it will run May 11 - June 20. Note the first 5 weeks will be conducted in Thailand, and roughly the last week will be in Singapore. Exact dates TBA.)

USE2315: Participatory Social Development in Southeast Asia is a field-based module that runs in collaboration with Chiang Mai University's Regional Center for Social Sciences and Sustainable Development (RCSD).

Working in teams with RCSD students, you will learn about participatory social development and then be embedded into an ongoing social development project in Northern Thailand. There you will engage in what's known as 'participatory action research' (PAR), where you work simultaneously as a student, researcher, and advocate with the community in which you are embedded. Your goal: design and produce a class project of your own based on the principles and practices of action research that will help the community you working in.

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