This course concerns the intersection of religion and society and the role of religion in the officially secular state of Singapore. Students will study how religion is discussed in both academic and popular literatures and examine how religious organizations present themselves in order to participate in discussions of social, political or economic importance. The module will include a fieldwork component that will provide students with the data needed to write research papers based on their own research.


Course objectives

Students in this module will develop their skills in academic writing. They will become proficient in argumentation, rhetorical organization, and persuasion strategies that can be applied to academic writing in various disciplines.

 By the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Effectively deploy the conventions of academic writing in their own work.
  • Critically engage texts and evaluate the merits of their arguments.
  • Identify sources needed to ground arguments in evidence.
  • Detect faults in reasoning, argumentation, and the use of sources.
  • Work productively with others to improve the quality of a text by giving and receiving feedback and editing the work of their peers.