This is a study programme initiated in 2009 by USP students who were inspired by USP classes on religion and religiosity.

The programme is research-intensive involving field observations and academic reflections. Every year, students collaborate with different NUS professors to study different aspects of Buddhism (and its relation to other religions) in different countries in Asia. Students on the programme have been to Taiwan, Thailand, India, Japan, Laos, Vietnam and China.

As a student-driven programme, the themes, location and itinerary are selected and crafted by students, with input from a Faculty Advisor who provides advice and guidance on the viability of the research project.

‘Buddhism in Asia’ welcomes participants of all faiths and backgrounds.


  • The main question that we set was not an easy one to answer with religion being a big topic itself, but with the space we were given to explore we were able to learn a lot more than the theme set out initially. This programme allowed me to grow academically, personally and socially and I think I gained much more than I expected.

    JODI LAU YIOK CHENG (Psychology + USP)