Under a different overarching theme each year, this study programme immerses students in various academic and cultural activities and exposes students to a variety of cultures and religions.

Through lectures, visits to cultural sites and meetings with leaders of various faiths, the programme facilitates the exchange of ideas, highlights the diversity of communities and promotes mutual understanding.


  • [The programme] surpassed my expectations by an exponential magnitude. I learnt and gained so much that it is even now very difficult to process all that I have learnt and gained from the trip. Extreme withdrawal symptoms!

    CHOO RUIZHI (History + USP)

  • The programme is very, very meaningful. I have learnt about Islam from both academics and real life experiences (participating in a prayer session in Sisly Mosque). The participants of this trip come from religious, racial and cultural backgrounds different from mine, and I learnt as much from them as I learnt from the seminars.

    ZENG JIN (Industrial Design + USP)