The Study Trips for Engagement and Enrichment (STEER) are designed to familiarize students with the diverse socio-cultural-economic environment of new and fast-evolving regions through a mix of classroom-based learning and experiential site visits. USP, in collaboration with the NUS Global Relations Office (GRO), has offered STEER programmes to countries such as Thailand, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

Click here for video of STEER Sri Lanka 2014 made by students.
Click here for video of STEER India 2016 made by students.

  • The programme opened my eyes to the prospect of working overseas in the future. Prior to this, the concept of working with Latin America was preposterous. Why venture so far when there is a huge Asian market in Singapore’s backyard? However, I have come to realize that there are also many opportunities in Latin America. As long as we dare to adventure, no place on Earth is too far.

    NG XU JIE (Business Administration + USP)