Permaculture@USP is a unique partnership programme between the University Scholars Programme and Nature-based Education Company – Carbon InQ Pte Ltd. Through the learning, practice and research of Permaculture (a multidisciplinary approach to sustainable design for agriculture, infrastructure and community building), Permaculture@USP provides the theoretical and hands-on platforms for students, faculty and alumni to collectively engage in creating a more sustainable future. 


  • Digging into Permaculture Workshop Series: Students can take subsidized classes that delve into the philosophies, ethics, principles and concepts of Permaculture design. The workshop series are based upon the highly acclaimed Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course taught at the Permaculture Research Institute in NSW, Australia.


  • Farming Sessions: Students and faculty can gain hands-on experience in the field of urban farming by joining weekly farming sessions. The farming sessions at USP’s Campus Farm aim to impart valuable techniques and strategies used in the art of organic farming in the urban context.


  • Project 33: Network and plug into a community of over 200 professionals drawn together because of the believe in environmental stewardship. Project 33’s monthly potluck sessions and field trips give students exposure and connections needed to see their own sustainable ideas through. Click the link for more information about Project 33:


  • ISM: Students who are interested in specific fields of knowledge related to Permaculture can direct their curiosity into developing an ISM addressing the following themes:
    • Disconnection between Nature and Society, and its impact on the future
    • Waste production and management
    • Global and local trends related to the Urban Farming Movement
    • Evolving pedagogy in Nature Education

Such ISMs can further tap on the experience of industrial mentors under Permaculture@USP.

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