Life at USP

The community an undergraduate joins in university can have a direct and significant impact on his or her entire educational experience, future and life. The value of this personal development outside the classroom through the influence of peers and mentors during one's university days cannot be underestimated. For this reason, we place great emphasis on creating a community that is open, collaborative, stimulating, nurturing, and unique to USP. USP students get to interact with peers, alumni, faculty, staff and visitors on a wide range of projects and discussions. They can also take advantage of numerous opportunities to organise or participate in international academic and community programmes, conferences, projects and study trips, amongst other possibilities. Through these, they learn to be sensitive to and familiar with contemporary issues both in Singapore and globally. Engaging with these issues empowers them to already make a difference to the world while still at NUS.


Events & Highlights

There’s always something going on in USP. Expect student- or programme-organised  conferences, seminars, conversations, informal learning and sharing sessions, sports activities, social campaigns, community engagement projects, movie nights, formal dinners, and much more. 

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Learn, Network, Grow

USP students have the opportunities to learn and network with the vast group of people as well as to grow as an individual within the diversed community.

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Community Engagement

USP students are proactive in engaging with different communities, to bring about positive changes in the society they live in.

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University Scholars Club

Led by USP students for USP students, the University Scholars Club (USC) facilitates the creation of a cohesive community of leaders and thinkers through strong student, faculty and alumni engagement.

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Interest Groups

We celebrate and support commonality within diversity.

USP Interest Groups

USP Housing and Support

When students join USP, they also begin their residential life at the USP residential college – Cinnamon College (USP) – at NUS UTown.

Within and beyond the residential college setting, there is, always, personalised support and welfare available.

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