NUS-Sciences Po Double Degree Programme NUS University Scholars Programme Sciences Po

NUS-Sciences Po Double Degree Programme

As recruitment for the DDP is an international one, we consider prospective students of all nationalities and with various different qualifications.

Application Timeline

Below are the various windows of dates that a prospective student holding the relevant qualifications can apply.

Qualification/ Applicant Type DDP Supplementary Application Window Notes
International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma 15 Oct - 21 Feb  
NUS High School Diploma 16 Nov - 31 Dec  
Students (all nationalities) with International Qualifications (except IB)
15 Oct - 1 Jan Applicable to Indonesian SMA UAN (Ebtanas), Vietnamese High School Graduation Examination and Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)
15 Oct - 28 Feb Applicable to other qualifications including STPM
15 Oct - 31 Mar Applicable to Indian Standard 12
Polytechnic Diploma (Singapore) 1 Feb - 21 Feb  
Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'A' Level Application will commence 3 working days after the release of "A' Level results  
Please refer to for the most updated application dates.

How to Apply

Before you begin to apply, please be reminded that when you get a final offer of admission to the DDP, you will have also been admitted to Sciences Po (its Le Havre, Menton or Reims campus) and NUS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and University Scholars Programme). You will matriculate at both Sciences Po and NUS at the start of the DDP, and be considered students of both institutions throughout.

There are two important steps you need to take when you apply.

Step 1: Apply to NUS

  1. All applicants interested in pursuing the NUS-Sciences Po Double Degree Programme (DDP) must complete an online application to NUS, as NUS will manage the application process for this DDP. There is no need to apply to Sciences Po separately. (Please note: Being admitted to NUS does not imply that you will automatically have a place in the DDP or vice versa.)

  2. To complete an application to the NUS-Sciences Po Double Degree Programme (DDP), you should select, during the NUS application process:

    1. “Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences” as one of your choices of Single Degree Courses in Section 6a) Single Degree Courses.

    2. "NUS-Sciences Po Double Degree Programme" as your first or second choice of double degree programme in Section 6b) or 8b) Double/Concurrent Degree Programmes.

  3. Depending on your qualifications, you may be asked, as part of the NUS application process, to document your English proficiency (Section 3 Academic Qualifications, Additional Information).

    Keep in mind that the DDP requires a high level of English proficiency corresponding to any of the following: TOEFL 100, IELTS 7, PTE 68, TOEIC “listening and reading”: 900/990 and “speaking and writing” (IBT or Mobile): 350/400, CAE Cambridge Certificate Advanced English Level B, CPE Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English.

Step 2: Complete DDP Supplementary Application

  1. Once you have completed Step 1 (Apply to NUS), you must complete a DDP supplementary application form which identifies you as an individual who wishes to be considered for the NUS-Sciences Po Double Degree Programme.

  2. In your supplementary application, you will be asked to

    1. indicate your campus choice at Sciences Po;

    2. your preferred majors at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) – either Economics, History, Political Science or Sociology;

  3. Please note that to complete the DDP supplementary application, you should:

    1. Have two referees, each to email a Letter of Recommendation to or mail to University Scholars Programme Admissions.

      Each Letter of Recommendation should reach us within one week after you submit this application.

    2. Have the following documents — in .doc, .docx or .pdf form, each no larger than 4MB — ready to upload to this site as part of your application:

      • A CV detailing your education, language proficiencies, as well as any extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, volunteer and job experiences that you think are relevant to your further education.
        Please also attach all supporting documents (certificates, letters), as well as a certified true copy of:
        • the National Level Examination transcript/result slip (eg. GCE A Level certificate/International Baccalaureate/French Baccalaureate/Indian Standard 12) if applicable,
        • additional score report (eg IELTS/TOEFL/SAT etc) where applicable
        • 3 years’ worth of academic transcripts from your high school at the end of your CV (eg. Year 9 – 11/IGCSE/Indian Standard 10 - 12).
      • A motivational statement explaining your reasons for applying (250 - 500 words)
      • *An analytical essay on a theory that has intrigued you (No more than 600 words)
      *Using sentences, ideas or any work without giving proper credit is plagiarism. Citation is necessary whenever you use information from a source of any kind, including your own previous work submitted to other institutions.

The supplementary application system will log you out after 30 minutes, though you can save your application as a draft. You should aim to complete the application within that time frame.

Note that once you submit your application, it will be considered final. Thus, it is important that you read and follow the instructions carefully.

Fields with * are mandatory.

You will receive a confirmation email upon successful submission of your application.

Please ensure that you submit both the NUS and DDP supplementary application by the respective deadlines based on your qualifications, failing which your application will be deemed incomplete and withdrawn from consideration.

Once the supplementary application is received, your application to NUS-Sciences Po DDP will be reviewed by a Joint Admissions Committee from Sciences Po and NUS-USP. **You will be contacted via email on the status of your application. Shortlisted candidates for the DDP are expected to attend an interview with the DDP Joint Admissions Committee.

**Please be informed that the NUS office of Admissions will concurrently process your NUS application for your other choices until the outcome of your DDP application is made known.

Offer and Acceptance

After the DDP Joint Admissions Committee has made its decision, results will be made known to applicants by email.

Successful applicants will receive an email informing them to log in to indicate their decision, as well as the deadline for acceptance.


Please email .

Apply Now

If you have read and understood the above information and wish to proceed to apply for this DDP, please continue with the following steps.