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The USP Writing Centre

National University of Singapore

Cinnamon South Learn Lobe, #01-02

Phone: 6516-1327


The Writing Centre provides help to any student enrolled in a University Scholars Programme (USP) module. Staffed by trained student Writing Assistants, we offer free, one-on-one writing conferences. Such conferences focus on higher-level concerns in writing. What is the best way to convey this argument? How can the research problem be convincingly established? Can the evidence be more clearly and deeply analyzed? Is this the most effective structure for the essay? Via individual conferences, Writing Assistants talk over such questions with student writers, helping them develop strategies for improving their papers in particular, and for becoming better writers in general.

Writing Assistants work with any USP student who wants to talk about his or her writing, including:

  • first-year students enrolled in Writing and Critical Thinking modules

  • second-, third- and fourth-year students enrolled in first-tier and advanced modules

  • students writing papers for Independent Study Modules, or even Honors Theses

We can help with any part of the writing process, from getting started to revising a draft. Though the Writing Centre is not an editing or proofreading service, Writing Assistants can provide resources to help writers improve their sentences and check their mechanics.

Writing Centre conferences complement, but do not replace, the relationships students have with their professors.

Writing Centre Director: Dr Mark Brantner

Founding Director: Dr Julia Gardner